Make your self-training about use an Adobe Connect virtual room.

Read the manual, watch the video tutorials make your training with your group work.


The manual:


01 Adobe connect course overview (6m45)

02.1 Adobe connect - Participant  (5m13)

 Participant profile and Basics to be a participant

02.2 Adobe connect - Active participant  (9m14)

 Basics to be an active participant

03 Adobe Connect presenter  (4m13)

 Presenter´s  profile

4 Adobe Connect - Host overview  (4m32)

A general view of host profile activities

5 Adobe Connect – Host: session technical settings  (9m31)

How to prepare the technical setting of a session 

6 Adobe Connect - Host presenting settings  (8m36)

How to prepare Adobe´s environment to direct a session

7 Adobe Connect - Host a session (6m06)

  Direct and run  a session

08 AC direct a session

How to direct a session

09 AC Record a session

How to record a session


10 -  Adobe Connect  Quizzes

How to make quizzes in Adobe Connect  


11 - Adobe Connect - Integration with Moodle

How to integrate Adobe room and recordings with Moodle

12 - Adobe Connect post session

Main post session activities